Aerojet General AGC-STD-2742A

Brush Plating (Dalic Process)

(1 Nov.63)

Allied Bendix Aerospace PS 281

Brush Electroplating,DALIC Process

(4 Dec.87)

Allied Signal Aerospace MFG-5100B

Selective Nickel Plating


Allied Signal Bendix PS-1022

Stylus Applied Nickel Plating

(30 Nov.88)

American Airlines P12-16


(1 July 91)

American Bureau of Shipping

Certification No. 98-C13280-X

(MIL-STD-865C, MIL-STD-2197SH)

(05 May 98)

Association of American Railroads M-967-80

Electro Chemical Metal Deposition For

Repairing Roller Bearing Axle Journals

(1 Jan.81)

Autonetics AAO 109-012

Electroplating,Brush type


Autonetics EM-5188

Repair of Printed Circuit Assemblies








Ball Aerospace Systems Division PSP 120182

Selective Brush Tin Plating

(30 May 89)

Bell Helicopter FW4312C

Selective Brush Cadmium Plating

(11 Aug.66)

Bell Helicopter 1309G

Brush Cadmium Plating Materials

(24 Aug 85)

Bell Helicopter 206-79-22

Main Rotor Hub Assembly,

Corrosion Protection by Brush Plating

(7 July79)

Bell Helicopter 206-84-95

Tail Rotor Pitch Change

(1 Feb.84)

Bendix Aviation Corp Pacific Division 3FM 26

The DALIC Plating Process


Bendix Corp,Electric and Fluid Power Division PS281

Brush Electroplating (DALIC Process)


Boeing BAC 5226

Plating on Carbon-Reinforced Composite Parts

(21 Nov.89)

Boeing BAC 5849J

Brush Contact Plating

(1 Feb.90)

Boeing BAC 5854J

Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Stylus Cadmium Plating

(1 Mar.91)

British Aerospace

BAE Structural repair Manual 51-21-11

Phosphoric Acid Swab Anodizing

(30 Sept.83)

British Aerospace HC510H9016

Anodizing of Aluminum Alloy Prior to Cold Bonding


DeHavilland/Boeing S/B No. 8-32-44

Landing Gear Repair with Brush Cadmium

(23 Jan.87)

DeHavilland/Boeing S/B/No. 8-32-38

Landing Gear Repair with Brush Cadmium

(23 Jan.87)

Delaval IMO Pump Division ES3.5.7

Electrodeposit of Babbitt Coating


Detroit Allison EPS-10245A



Dowty Aerospace PS118 (Issue 4)

Brush Plating


Dowty Aerospace PS137 (Issue 4)

Low Embrittlement Cadmium Brush Plating


General Dynamics FPS-1046A

Plating,Brush Application

(15 May 64)

G.E. P16A-CD3-15

Brush Hardcoating (DALIC)

(23 Feb.84)


In-Process Electroplating

(15 April 74)

G.E./AEGB 6EAE 259.01/ML-014

Selective Nickel Plating

(29 Dec.87)

G.E. Aircraft Engine Group CP6-625-S6

Selective Electrodeposition of Metal Coatings


G.E. Transportation Components M02E-8.38

General Repair by DALIC Plating Process for Low,Medium and High Carbon Steel


G.E./Commercial Engine 70-45-03

Selective Contact Plating

(1 Nov.83)

G.E. Aerospace Motor and Generator P16D-CD3-6

Brush Electroplating with Nickel DALIC Process


Gould RPR59969

Selective Nickel Plating

(8 Dec.81)

Grumman Aircraft SN 80603

Brush Plating of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys


Hamilton Standard HS604

Plating-Zinc,DALIC Process

(28 Feb.85)

Hamilton Standard HS10034

Brush Plating-Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Cadmium Electrodeposition

(13 Mar.89)

Hughes Aircraft Co.MIL-STD-865 only


(11 May 94)

Hughes Aircraft Co. HP4-156B

Selective Electroplating

(23 May 68)

Hughes Aircraft Co.EPB4-320

Electroplating by the DALIC Process

(4 May 62)

Hughes Tool Aircraft HP-4-118

Brush Anodizing

(6 Aug.70)

Hughes Helicopter HP-4-113

Selective Plating (Brush Plating)

(16 April 80)

Hydril HEMPS 4.002

Selective Plating


ITT Gilfillan GPS 21-003

Electroplating,DALIC Process


Kahr Bearing Division of Sargent Industries PB-020D

Brush Silver Plating on Titanium DALIC Process


Kaiser Aircraft 3177

Repair (Replate) of Printed Wiring Board Connector Tips


Korean Register Of Shipping

Selective(Brush) Plating Process

16 Jul, 2001

Lockheed Georgia STP58-020

Cadmium Plating

(16 May 69)

Martin Marietta STP 30056

Selective Plating (Brush Plating) Electrodeposited

(24 May 82)

Martin Marietta P86136



McDonnell Douglas PS 13113

DALIC Brush Plating

(30 Jan.85)

McDonnell Douglas DPS 9.89G

Brush Plating

(21 Sept.73)

McDonnell Douglas DPM 5815-1

Cadmium Brush Plating

(1 April 88)

Menasco Canada MMC.250

Stylus Plating

(22 Sept.88)

Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. M-56

Repair of Pits,Dents,Nicks in O Ring Seal Areas by contact electroplating


Northrop PB2813

Selective Electro-Chemical Deposition of Metals

(7 Mar.77)

Northrop PB9200

Selective Electrodeposition of Metals (Brush Plating)

(23 May 83)

Parker Aerospace 92003

Laboratory Procedure Selective (Brush) Plating

(16 May 84)

Pratt & Whitney (United Technologies) PWA 36953

Contact (Brush) Nickel Plating

(4 Apr.86)

Pratt & Whitney (United Technologies) POP2195

Brush Plating Per PWA 36953 and AMS 2403

(25 Sept.86)

Pratt & Whitney (United Technologies) PMC1946REV

Nickel Sulfamate Plating

(1 Dec.87)




Pratt & Whitney (United Technologies) PWA-S-2675G

Nickel Plating

(5 Feb.88)

Pratt & Whitney (United Technologies) SPOP321

Brush Nickel Plating

(1 April 91)

Radio Corp of America 2185761

Electroplating,Brush Type and Chromate Touch Up


Rocketdyne RA0109-014

Electroplating,Electro-Milling and Anodizing,Stylus Type

(17 Oct.86)

Rolls Royce RPS 652 (Issue 1)

The Electrodeposition of Metals and Metal Alloys by Selective (Brush) Plating System

(1 Jan.87)

Rolls Royce MPI/PROD/495/89



Sikorsky (United Technologies) SS8494-03

Brush Nickel Plating of Steel

(30 Nov.83)

Sikorsky (United Technologies) 6-6-009

Brush Electroplate-Nickel

(3 Oct.85)

Sikorsky (United Technologies) 6-6-004E

Touch up Silver Plating

(8 Nov.85)

Sikorsky (United Technologies) 6-6-001B

Touch up Brush Cadmium Plating

(22 June 85)

Sikorsky (United Technologies) SS8413

Brush Plating of Cadmium on Steel or Copper Based Parts


Solar Turbines RPS230-401-00

Selective Brush Plating


Standard Aero CP11.34

Selective Plating Airplane Components

(8 May 87

TRW Inc. TAP-PS-563E

Nickel Plate Repair Brush Plating Method


Textron Lycoming ALF 502R/70-35-04

Plating (Nickel Plating for Brazing)

(30 Sept.87)

Textron Lycoming SP-P514



United Airlines GN-5-0-2-10



United Technology EPS 1000014



Westland Helicopters W.H.P.S.097

Selective Brush Plating

(24 Nov.93)

Zurn G5-MP-6

Selective Plating of Nickel

(13 June 88)